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Article #: 2299 (1 of 1)Author: Fafan XiaoDate: 7/24/2016 
8 year old Xinyi Wang and 9 year old Ray Zhang from Vancouver have received many awards including first place and Judges’ Distinction Award at the American Protege International Music Talent Competition. They performed at the Carnegie Hall's Isaac Stern Auditorium, a 2,804 seat venue on June 30th, 2016. They are the only winners from Canada and the youngest performers in the competition. Ray Zhang won first place and Xinyi Wang won third place in the 2016 Canadian Music Competition. They started to learn piano 4 years ago with Ms. Fafan Xiao, one of the Vancouver Branch members. They have performed at the New York Carnegie Hall 5 times as well as at the Isaac Stern Auditorium. The have also performed at the Fazioli concert hall in Italy, the Royal Conservatory of Music's Koerner Hall in Toronto and at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center of China.